St Matthew’s Parish, Ballyfermot, Finance Committee Report for year ending December 2022

1 St June 2023

Dear Parishioner,
This is our annual opportunity to inform you about our parish finances. This information sheet is provided to show you how the funds of the parish are spent. We thank you sincerely for your support throughout the year in an extremely different time for everyone. We hope that you will continue to support our parish financially to the extent that you can.

Yearly Income and Expenditure
Overleaf we present a simple breakdown of the yearly parish income and expenditure. It shows that, overall, we had a loss of income over expenditure. The main sources of parish income during the year have been Diocese Share Assistance, Envelope Collection, Shrine Income and Donations/Bequests/Stole Fees. The parish received a once off receipt of insurance monies related to COVID 19. Your contributions have enabled us to fund the day to day running of this church and to pay for such items as Salaries/Wages, Heating/Electricity and Repairs/Maintenance.

Trend in Income
Unfortunately, the parish has made a loss for the second year in a row. A once off receipt of an insurance claim fortunately means that loss has been limited to 6,419 euro. Like other parishes we therefore need to do some serious fundraising and try to encourage others from the parish but who may live elsewhere now or who don’t regularly attend to make a regular contribution. It is for this reason that we are launching a Lottery.

Collections at Mass
Traditionally, we had two collections at weekend masses:
o The First Collection for the support of the priests
o The Second Collection for Share which supports diocesan services to parishes.
Due to Covid, attendances were down and have not yet recovered. The Tap and Go machine was set up but was little used.. Please note the Archdiocese uses these collections to pay the priests a regular income, and to fund development projects in many parishes, but does not go to pay for parish running costs and expenses.

Family Offering
The Family Offering is one of the mainstays of parish income, but the amount collected continues the declining trend of previous years. If there is anybody who isn’t registered to receive Family Offering Envelopes, but would like to, they can register and obtain a box of envelopes from the Parish Office or Sacristy.

Direct Debit Facility
Those who wish to make the Family Offering by means of a direct debit should contact one of the priests or the Parish Secretary to obtain the relevant form.

We wish to thank all those in the parish who devote their time to the various aspects of fundraising – Collectors, Counters, organisers of other fundraising ventures such as raffles, jumble sales, night entertainment, etc. . Many local businesses very kindly made donations and we are truly grateful for their help.
Once again, thanks to all of you for your generous support. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
The Parish Finance Committee
Conor O’Malley (Chairperson)
Fr. Piaras Mac Lochlainn


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