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Welcome to the website of St Matthew’s Parish, Ballyfermot. We hope you will find any information that you may require on our site, but should you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us in the Parish Office.

As you are probably aware, we have installed a webcam to allow parishioners and others to view our celebration of the Eucharist and other services in St. Matthews. If you would like to see the webcam, you’ll find a link in the menu above, or else just click here!

If you are considering making a donation to the parish, please use our online donation system which is linked via the “Donate” button below:

A part-time secretary is required for St Matthew’s Parish (20 hours per week). The secretary will beworking for the Parish Priest, and parish team. The parish office is in the Parish Centre which is
attached to the Church. which is on Blackditch Drive, Ballyfermot. Currently there are 3 smallnational schools and 2 secondary schools in the parish.
Personal and Professional Qualifications: Be a person who is motivated to do what’s possible tofoster a Christian community. Enjoys working with people, is pleasant and welcoming. An ability to
work as a team with parish staff members and staff of Parish Centre (and be in charge of some) andalso with volunteers. Have some experience of accounts in order to work in conjunction with the
parish accountant. Be well organised, be I.T. literate and understand the importance ofconfidentiality of church records and conversations.
Responsibilities: Welcomes and engages with callers. Runs the parish office and parish centre. Thismeans providing administrative, secretarial and office support for the parish and this includes
contacting services when required. Write up all lodgements. Manage payment of invoices. Keeping arecord of parish volunteers and helping to co-ordinate their ministries. Ensuring Church supplies.
Enrolment of candidates for First Holy Communion and Confirmation children. Taking bookings forweddings and funerals.
If you are interested in the position, please send your application to piarasmacl@gmail .com by 30thMay 2022. (Longer version of job description available on request)

Parish News

Words from the Archbishop

19th February, anniversary of the death of Blessed John Sullivan S.J. In John Sullivan we see see the story of the weaving of the story of Jesus into his life. His example of living certainly made God real to the many people he encountered on the journey of life, especially the sick and those experiencing poverty….. As Pope Francis says, “We are…

Parish News

Diocesan Mission Statement:  Following the report from the Task Force based on the information submitted to them from the parishes giving their views on where we are at present and where we need to go now, the Archbishop has issued a statement containing our priorities for the next few years, a link to which a video outlining its contents may be found…

Update on Synod assemblies

The venue and dates for our parish gatherings to which all living in the parish are to be invited are now confirmed. the venue will be the Sports Complex on Gurteen road and the dates for the gatherings are Wednesday 23rd March and Wednesday 30th March at 7pm. You might a note of that on your phone are in your diary. We…

Parish News

Donate / Tap and Oo During the month of January 2022 the Tap and Go machine in Ballyfermot Upper Parish collected€230.00from 13 transactions. This is split 60% to the Common Fund and 40% to Share. This is aconvenient way to donate, but with the PARISH WEBSITE DONATE BuTTON you can alsocontribute to the parish itself if you do not have a family…

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