Parish Lottery

Our lottery operates a simple cashless payment method. It’s so easy to join and it takes only a minute. You can join on any mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet by finding the link on the parish website. Once you join, pick your numbers and pay, you won’t have to do anything again, unless you decide to change your numbers or cancel. Your bank details are secure as you don’t give anything other than the number on your credit card which you only give the one time when you join. The money will be automatically taken out of your account every 4 weeks. It’s just 2.50 per line or 3 lines for 5 euro. 2.50 is less than you would pay for a cup of coffee. The draw takes place every Thursday at 8pm. If not won, the jackpot can go up to 2,000 euro, and there is also a chance of winning 20 euro in a weekly raffle and you will be notified if you win. We really want people to join, but it is also important that we get your feedback. So you are encouraged to sign up now so that we may gauge the level of interest people have in it, though the first draw is to take place on 6th July. We would also ask you to invite friends, members of your family or neighbours to take part.

Fr. Piaras


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