Words from the Archbishop

19th February, anniversary of the death of Blessed John Sullivan S.J.

In John Sullivan we see see the story of the weaving of the story of Jesus into his life. His example of living certainly made God real to the many people he encountered on the journey of life, especially the sick and those experiencing poverty….. As Pope Francis says, “We are frequently tempted to think that holiness is only for those who can withdraw from ordinary affairs to spend much time in prayer.” …Fr John Sullivan never withdrew from the ordinary affairs of life, either before his conversion or after his ordination. From the outset he was very much involved in the world — as a barrister and as a priest who taught classics and religion in Clongowes Wood College…Finally, not all conversions are the same. wherever we find ourselves, in whatever state of life, the same voice that spoke to John Sullivan speaks to us… How will WE follow the one who comes to us and calls?

20th February, at the ordination of Joe Keegan as priest for the Dublin Archdiocese.

The people of God, however, want a man of courage, ready to draw near to those in pain and lend a helping hand. They desire a contemplative man, whose closeness to people, enables them to proclaim before the wounds of our world the power of the Resurrection even now at work….Ours is a time of big challenges, Joe, but it is also a time rich with great possibilities….Seize the moment and live your calling in a dynamic and dedicated way, while not avoiding the reality of the situation in which you find yourself….As human and material resources contract, we must envisage how we will preach the gospel beyond the usual frameworks.


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