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Donate / Tap and Oo

During the month of January 2022 the Tap and Go machine in Ballyfermot Upper Parish collected
€230.00from 13 transactions. This is split 60% to the Common Fund and 40% to Share. This is a
convenient way to donate, but with the PARISH WEBSITE DONATE BuTTON you can also
contribute to the parish itself if you do not have a family envelope.
Accord Collection

The ANNUAL COLLECTION for ACCORD Dublin, the Diocesan Agency for Marriage and the
Family, will be made at all Masses on the weekend of

12 & 13 February 2022. (Next Weekend)

ACCORD Dublin, throughout the Diocese, offers:
 Marriage Preparation courses – online, small groups.
 Counselling for couples and individuals experiencing difficulties

in their relationships, currently online or by phone.
 A Relationship and Sexuality Programme for schools.
ACCORD Dublin needs your support this year more than ever.
30th World Day of the Sick

Celebrate the 30th World Day of the Sick/Feast of our Lady of Lourdes by joining with the
Redemptoristine Sisters, Drumcondra ( webcam) online at
8.00 p.m. on Friday 11th February.
St Seton’s College

It has been brought to my attention that some parents have serious concerns about the opening
of the new school and I understand they have a meeting arranged in the civic centre on Tuesday
15th March at which public representatives will be attending. If your child is to attend secondary
school in the coming year, it could be very important for you to attend that meeting.

Fr. Piaras


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