Animators for the Synodal Pathway

ROLE: TO animate local assemblies for the Synodal Pathway

To organise together with the PPC a local gathering where people can share in an environment of prayer and acceptance To enable participants to listen well to each other To support a prayerful
process of discernment in the parish To ensure that anyone who wants to take part is included

SUPPORT AND RESOURCES PROVIDED: Diocesan Training Sessions, Resources for leaders and participants, Simply Synod online booklet, Ppt presentation slides for a local gathering, Online Web 2 minute Synod, bitsize videos, Ongoing accompaniment from the office of Mission and Ministry.

TIME REQUIRED:2 training opportunities of two hours each.
Organising assemblies of one hour per gathering
Commitment of eight months from November 21 to June 22

Welcoming and approachable, Open, Confident with groups, Able to use technology, Prayerful,
Sensitive to issues, Good at taking feedback, A basic understanding of discernment

For more information and resources please visit: Synod | Archdiocese of Dublin |



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