Well I have heard of from pennies from Heaven, but an e-mail, a text or even an old fashioned letter from Heaven that’s a completely different story. Seriously though imagine if we received a little note, in whatever shape, from inside the ‘pearly gates’? I am amazed the number of people who are really fixated on communicating with the dead. I regularly meet people who have phoned psychic lines, used tarot cards or have even gone to the considerable expense of attending a session with a medium. Who knows this edition of rumblings might save some people money!

There is a danger in this area, as in many, that we could be too harsh, too judgemental. In general terms it is understandable to want to communicate with our loved ones who have died. It is natural to want to know that they are happy. It is natural to be even more curious than this. What is it like? What is Heaven like? Is there a Heaven at all? These questions become even more pressing if the loved one has died tragically or unexpectedly. We can become seized with a desire to know.

Have you ever thought about it? What would your beloved husband say to you this evening, if he could phone you from Heaven? Maybe he would say things that he always said. Maybe there would be little difference in what he would say now and what he said to you throughout your years together. What words would your lovely Mum, long gone, say to you today? ‘Be careful!’ ‘Be confident!’ Maybe she would say ‘Take risks!’ Is it possible that our loved ones might surprise us and speak to us in a way that they never spoke before?

I think it might well be both, a mix of the familiar and maybe some surprise. The reasons I say this are easily explained. I think the familiar would come from the fact that we at least glimpsed the best of our loved one when they were alive. This is true even in the case of one who was or became very difficult. Even with one who was for example trapped in addiction, we are able to see the deeper beauty though it can be badly obscured by the illness. I think they may well speak to us in a new and fresh way.

My thinking on them speaking in this new and fresh way comes from the fact that they are now changed themselves. After all they are now beyond questions. They no longer wonder. They now know. They are restored. No longer broken, but made whole. Fully alive. Not only are they no longer sick, or in pain, nor frightened they cannot be touched by such things. The most amazing part of all this is nearly beyond words. They are now in the Presence. The presence of the Divine Beauty. They see God. They are in God. Immersed in love.

Is this true of everybody? Perhaps you are thinking of someone who was very abusive. One who did terrible things. Are they too in Heaven? The answer of course is that it is very likely they are. I say this because of God’s mercy. However it has become popular to suggest that everybody just sails into Heaven as a matter of course. This, though it may sound lovely, actually does nobody any favour. The reality is that for many there is a waiting, a preparing and a period of making up. The place, or state, that this happens in is Purgatory. This is why we pray for the dead. Some will need our prayer more than others.

With this in mind it’s possible the first thing we might be asked for in this contact from Heaven, is prayer. This could be a general request or perhaps for the celebration of Mass. However what else might be said in this heavenly tweet? Or is there no way of knowing, is this all mere guessing? Actually we might know more about this than we think. I think we can confidently say there will be no messages of hate from Heaven.

If we trust in Jesus. If we trust in his promise, then there is paradise, or Heaven. He is there and is preparing a place for us. He wants us to get there. He is not trying to keep us out. We are told it is a place of peace and happiness. It makes sense then that the residents of paradise are now part of that peace and happiness. This in turn helps us formulate our message from Heaven. It will not contain seeds of division and conflict. It will not urge us to dig in our heels or make others grovel. Perhaps it will be as short and simple as this:

‘Do not worry or weep for me, for I have never been happier or more at peace. You will be here soon enough yourself. Pray for those in the queue, be good to each other. Forgiveness is the key, so do not delay on this.’ 

The truth is the tarot cards, psychic lines and mystic Meg will not give you anything more or anything as beautiful as this.


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